Family Law


Separation Agreement

You’ve separated from your spouse? That’s unfortunate, but perhaps it was necessary to do. Whether you were married or unmarried, now is the time to consult a lawyer. Laschuk Law can help you negotiate a comprehensive agreement dealing fairly with all key issues between you: care of your children, the division of property and debt, the payment of child or spousal support, and more. The main benefit of this approach is that you (not a judge) have significant control of the process and the end result.

Cohabitation Agreement

You’re moving in together? You should know that once you and your boyfriend/girlfriend have lived together for 2 years or more, you will be deemed to be “spouses” under BC law. This means you will have many of the same rights and responsibilities as a married couple unless you have an agreement in place that helps define your arrangement on your own terms.

Prenuptial Agreement

You’re getting married? While most hope for a lifetime together, you may want to ensure that your rights and property are fully protected, if you and your spouse later split up.

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