Estate Administration

Acting as an “executor” or “administrator” of an estate is a serious and demanding responsibility. When someone in BC dies with over about $30,000 in their own name, the executor of their will usually needs to bring the will to court to obtain “probate”.  The same basic process applies where there is no will, but this time the “executor” is called the “administrator.”  

We assist our clients in completing all steps in the proper administration of an estate including: locating wills; locating, collecting and safeguarding assets; preparing all documents necessary to obtain Court approval of the appointment of a Personal Representative; assistance on dealing with income taxes and other estate liabilities; preparing and passing the personal representative’s accounts; and attending to asset distributions (including land transfers).

Our services to Executors include:

  • Confirming whether the will is valid
  • Advising on the estate administration process
  • Notifying beneficiaries and providing them with copies of the will
  • Filing a wills notice search and a notice to creditors
  • Probating the will, i.e. drafting and filing probate or administration documents with the Court
  • Locating and protecting estate assets
  • Drafting and sending standard letters to banks, government agencies and other relevant
  • Dealing with debts
  • Assisting with the vast and detailed amount of paperwork
  • Locating the deceased’s next-of-kin
  • Liaising with tax accountants regarding the final T1 and the subsequent T3 tax returns
  • Advising on asset valuation, including real estate
  • Tracking, managing, and distributing funds from accounts in financial institutions
  • Providing risk management advice on potential conflicts or complications
  • Undertaking executor’s final accounting and distributions to beneficiaries
  • Helping the executor present their accounts to the beneficiaries or, if necessary, “pass” the accounts through the Court
  • Drafting and sending all the necessary correspondence and releases to the beneficiaries or heirs prior to the distribution of the estate

We are here to help you at this challenging time – with straightforward advice, support with specific tasks, or fully managing the required duties.  Call 604-948-7200 to arrange an initial consultation.